[CentOS-mirror] How to exclude the directory that would be rsync?

Richard Ford rford at candis.com.cn
Sat Feb 10 02:27:17 UTC 2007

Ni Hao,

In rsync, you run it with the --exclude option.  You can also use the  
--filter option as well - mix and match.
This is my line:

-aqzH --no-p -E --delete --delay-updates --exclude=.htaccess

I use --no-p to over ride the implied option of preserving  
permissions from the -a archive flag.

I use delay-updates to get the atomic effect and also because my cron  
script does some permissions checking at the end and until it is done  
the rsync can screw with my setup.

I then use the --exclude to keep my .htaccess from being removed as I  
need it to allow for Indexes on my system.


On 10 Feb 2007, at 4:03 AM, Kelphon wrote:

> How to exclude the directory that would be rsync?
> Thanks a lot!
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