[CentOS-mirror] Preparing a new mirror

Kevin M Stange kevin at steadfast.net
Sat Feb 17 00:44:28 UTC 2007


I've just started preparing our mirror server to become publicly listed.

At the moment we're only doing HTTP access, and this is an experimental
setup, so we have not imposed a specific bandwidth cap yet.   The
connection is multi-homed over our "value network" which includes PCCW,
nLayer, TeliaSonera, and local peering.  We're basically looking to
garner usage levels and determine what level of service we are going to
ultimately want to provide.

We're doing the sync 4 times per day as of now.  We're mirroring ONLY
x86_64 and i386 of CentOS 3 and 4.  We'll mirror 5 when it becomes

I'm interested in looking at mirroring the DVD ISOs, but I'm not sure
where I should sync them from.

The mirror is at http://mirror.steadfast.net/centos/

The host is Steadfast Networks (http://steadfast.net), located in
Chicago, IL, USA

Let me know what we should do next and we'll be happy to get started
running a public mirror.

Kevin Stange
Chief Technology Officer
Steadfast Networks
kevin at steadfast.net
Phone: 312-602-2689 ext. 203 | Fax: 312-602-2688 | Cell: 312-320-5867

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