[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror (NY)

Sadiq Sutherland sadiq at nyi.net
Tue Jan 30 04:53:26 UTC 2007

Sadiq Sutherland wrote:
> We've set up a new CentOS mirror.  Currently ftp only.
> url: ftp://mirror.nyi.net/centos
> sync: twice daily
> location: New York, NY U.S.A.
> bandwidth cap: 25 Mbps
> organization: New York Internet
> organization url: http://nyi.net
> email: mirror at nyi.net
> thanks
> S. Sutherland
> /////NYI
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Very minor correction.  Our network admin set the bandwidth cap at 
35Mbps (I initially requested 25Mbps dedicated to the mirror).  We're 
not sure how much traffic the CentOS Mirror will generate so we'll 
increase if necessary.


S. Sutherland

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