[CentOS-mirror] Updates to the Versaweb CentOS mirror

Rob Tyree rtyree at xmission.com
Wed Jan 31 19:00:04 UTC 2007

Hello Folks, I've got a couple of updates for our mirror.

Effective Feb. 1 2007, we will be moving our public CentOS mirror to the 
versaweb.com domain rather than the versaweb.net domain where it 
currently resides - the mirror location will now be 
mirrors.versaweb.com/centos/ - please update the link for the mirror, 
and also the link to our main site, http://www.versaweb.com

Also, our mirror should be listed as a tier-1 mirror, since our network 
now has multi-gigabit capacity.

Finally, we relocated our main POP to Las Vegas, NV about a year ago.  
I've sent several requests to update the location reported in your 
system to Nevada, since that is where the mirror server now resides, but 
it doesn't look like it was ever changed.  Please update your list to 
reflect that our mirror is in NV not in CA.


Rob Tyree
Versaweb Hosting Admin

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