[CentOS-mirror] dvd rsync instructions

Mon Jul 2 13:39:22 UTC 2007
William Dunn <wdunn at cs.vt.edu>

The CentOS folks have to approve you for downloading the DVD ISOs 
directly from them, and then there's a super secret rsync address you 
use, that I think is IP restricted.  Talk to one of the folks at CentOS.

Alternatively, you can download via rsync from one of the mirrors that 
offers rsync access and has the DVD ISOs.  I think the kernel.org guys 
have the ISOs, but you need to talk to them to get access.  I mention 
them cause they probably have the fattest (and phattest) pipes of us all.

Else, just visit 
http://www.centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=13 and find 
someone who offers Rsync and dvd isos.


Robert Tyree wrote:
> Hello,
> We will be upgrading the storage on our mirror server and would like to start mirroring the CentOS dvd iso's.  Could someone please direct me to instructions on how to get  rsync to pull down the dvd images?  Your help is appreciated.
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