[CentOS-mirror] Mirror problems

Fri Jun 1 19:01:39 UTC 2007
Mike Zanker <mike at zanker.org>

Are there some problems with msync and eu-msync at the moment? Much of
the time my mirror is getting an immediate "connection closed" when
trying to rsync, depending on which of the actual servers behind these
addresses it attempts to connect to.

This afternoon (13:05 GMT) the eu-msync mirror (CentOS I) was 5 days out
of date and my rsync session deleted all the updates from the past few
days. mirror-status then said that my mirror was 5 days old!

Also, I regularly seem to be rsyncing about 1GB of RPMs in ~tmp~
directories - these then get deleted on the next rsync. It's been
happening for maybe 10 days or so.