[CentOS-mirror] Setting up a mirror for our local network

Sun Jun 3 19:11:35 UTC 2007
J.H. <warthog9 at kernel.org>

On Sun, 2007-06-03 at 19:03 +0300, Tsvi Mostovicz wrote:
> Hi,
> I just got the responsibility to set up a local mirror of CentOS for
> our college.
> Currently most of our PC's are using various versions of CentOS 4 and
> a couple of new ones were upgrade to version 5.
> I was wondering about the following:
> - How much space will be needed to set up a local repo of versions 4 and 5

Each version of centos is somewhere between 25 & 30GB of storage space.
Assume 30GB for everything without extra exclusions and your talking
120GB of space.

> - How can I specify I only want these versions (4.3 and up)

You'll want to read up on rsync and it's includes and exclues, as this
will obviously be the preferred means of syncing and since this will be
a semi-private mirror (I assume you won't be allowing people outside of
the University from pulling from you guys?) you may want to consider
syncing from one of the larger mirrors instead of directly against the
official Centos mirror (take a look at
http://www.centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=13 for a mirror
near you that supports rsync)

You will also find that just syncing the normal Centos repository will
only get you the latest versions of Centos, which includes 4.4, 4.5 and
5.0 - Centos on a regular basis archives versions of their repo to a
vault repository, which is where you would find 4.3.

That should at least point you in the right direction if you end up with
more questions feel free to ask.

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley

> I'd appreciate any help,
> Tsvi Mostovicz
> Junior SysAdmin
> JCT- Jerusalem College of Technology
> tsvi at ttm.homelinux.net
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