[CentOS-mirror] Please include this mirror, from México on In ternet 2

Tue Mar 6 11:54:18 UTC 2007
Lance Davis <lance at centos.org>

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, Rolando Calderon Toledo wrote:

> We've started mirroring CentOS on Internet 2, from Universidad Politécnica de
> Pachuca in Mexico:
> Organization Name: Universidad Politécnica de Pachuca
> Host: mirror.upp.edu.mx
> Services: http  Only on Internet 2
> Connectivity: 2Mbps
> Syncronizing 2 times a day
> version 4, all architectures.
> Please include this mirror in the official mirror list.

I ma sorry but we cant at this time include mirrors that are only 
accesible on Internet 2 because we canot check that the mirrors are 

We may add a section of I2 mirrors later that are not checked ...


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