[CentOS-mirror] DVD Images, again, please?

Mon Mar 19 17:18:53 UTC 2007
Voll, Toivo <toivo at acnet.usf.edu>

I tried to reply to this off-list back when, but presumably that went into a spam filter, so I'll try again on-list :-) 

Yes, our IP is / 2001:468:1601:11fe::2.

As of right now, we can't see the image.

Also, the URL on both the mirror page (http://www.centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=13) and the status tracker page is still the old ftp.net.usf.edu one, and missing the http method.

Toivo Voll
Data Network Management
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On Wed, 2007-02-14 at 14:57 -0500, Voll, Toivo wrote: 
> We got some more disk and four times the previous procesor cores, so we
> figured we'd add some stuff to our mirror, such as the DVD images since
> a lot of our users want them. Alas, when attempting: rsync -[stuff]
> msync-dvd.centos.org::CentOS-incdvd I get:
> msync.CentOS.org rsync service (CentOS W)
> ---------------------------------------
> [Disclaimer and stuff]
> @ERROR: Unknown module 'CentOS-incdvd' 
> What is the current recommended way for public US mirrors to mirror the
> entire tree, DVD isos and all? I recall there having been restrictions
> in the past for that rsync image from the root servers, but what is the
> current status?
> (msync-dvd.centos.org. resolves to, in case this is
> helpful.)
> Also, please shorten our mirror URLs from ftp.net.usf.edu to
> ftp.usf.edu; the rest of the path remains as it was. (The old URL will
> also remain valid for the foreseeable future.)
> I'm also happy to report that you can now add HTTP as a supported access
> method; the HTTP url is identical to FTP (except for the protocol part):
> http://ftp.usf.edu/pub/centos/
> ftp://ftp.usf.edu/pub/centos/
> --
> Toivo Voll
> Data Network Management
> Academic Computing
> University of South Florida 

All DVD trees are strictly controlled by allowed IP, as we can't support
everybody and their brother rsyncing those :P

I have to add your IP to the allowed IPs to get those trees.

Is your IP that you will be downloading with the one that resolves from
ftp.usf.edu ... if so I can add that IP to the allowed to sync from the
dvd tree ...

Johnny Hughes