[CentOS-mirror] Mirroring Release of CentOS 5 Beta

Thu Mar 8 14:19:51 UTC 2007
William Dunn <wdunn at cs.vt.edu>

Mirror: Virginia Tech CS department http://mirror.cs.vt.edu/
URL for testing: http://mirror.cs.vt.edu/pub/centos-beta/
(also accessable http://via )

 From the root of the site, /centos/ symlinks to the proper directory 
for the beta, and is respected by apache.

Still syncing, but should be done soon.


Lance Davis wrote:
> Thanks for all the offers of mirrors for the beta - we are going to 
> restrict access to our servers by ip - so if you could all email what ip 
> your server will be accessing from that would help - although we do have 
> records of some.
> The actual sync needs to be done from rsync 
> beta-sync.centos.org::centos-beta
> It is also accesible as us-beta-sync for us mirrors and eu-beta-sync for 
> eu ones. We dont have geoip based dns set up for it yet.
> If you could make sure that the tree you present looks the same as ours 
> eg has a /centos/ dir , because all beta.centos.org need to look the 
> same ...
> Also the beta tree will be embargoed until a date/time to be emailled to 
> this list. We will make the embargoed subdirectories non-publically 
> readable until release time , but you will need to exclude them from 
> rsync target, we will publish suitable exclude= for the rsync target, 
> (and maybe also for ftp).
> At release time we will make the  released dir publicaly readable so 
> that he next sync will make it available.
> We will check all mirrors contain suitable data before adding them to 
> our dns , so please make sure that the tree is accessible either by ip 
> or via a different virtual host.
> So - what we need :-
> mirror :
> ip address for rsync access :
> url for testing :
> Thanks
> Lance
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