[CentOS-mirror] Mirroring Release of CentOS 5 Beta

Thu Mar 8 15:30:04 UTC 2007
Olivier Thauvin <nanardon at nanardon.zarb.org>

Le jeudi 8 mars 2007, William Dunn a écrit :
> Olivier Thauvin wrote:

> > This is possible, but I'll have probably to restart my apache, which is
> > not acceptable because the count long iso download always pending on the
> > server.
> Have you tried "apachectl graceful"?

Yup, but this will not works if the config is splitted into several files and 
I'll prefer to provide a new files to have clearer configuration.

Moreover, I am not I will have it working at first shot as I already have IP 
based virtual host on this server.

Even I use graceful and configgtest, this does not mean the current the 
current will always be availlable.

I'll try this evening, when activity is reduced.
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