[CentOS-mirror] New mirror in Sweden (again)

Fri May 11 13:00:20 UTC 2007
Magnus Morén <magnus.moren at cite.hh.se>

Hi again,

I did not get any feedback on this mail (posted 2007-05-02). Have I
missed any reply ?


I have put together a new mirror site at Halmstad University in Sweden
and I want to be listed in the "CentOS Public Mirrors".

Name of organization:  Halmstad University  ( http://www.hh.se )
City:  Halmstad
Country:  Sweden

 HTTP  -  http://mirror.hh.se/centos
 FTP   -  ftp://mirror.hh.se/centos
 RSYNC -  no

Releases:  all
Arch:  i386 x86_64 (all when more disk is installed)
Dvd:  no

Syncing:  Every 6th hour
Bandwidth:  1000 Mbit/sec (machine), 10000 Mbit/sec (Internet)
Contact:  magnus.moren at cite.hh.se

Magnus Morén____________________________________________
Central IT (CITE), Halmstad University,    +46 35 167100
Box 823, 301 18 HALMSTAD, epost: magnus.moren at cite.hh.se