[CentOS-mirror] Centos 5.0 deleted during sync from mirrors

Tue May 15 01:01:04 UTC 2007
Curtis Doty <Curtis at GreenKey.net>

Yesterday J.H. said:

> The problem stemmed from mainly bad luck - looks like I was the only one
> to make it into the mirror right at that moment (before the rsync was
> turned off) and got a screwed up sync (they were in the process of
> fixing something)
> So more or less - my bad luck nothing to be concerned with.

It was more than that. I saw it too Sunday. And had to quickly hardlink 
everything back into position. The magic of keeping a hardlinked shadow 

Even though rsync went on a delete frenzy, I brought the content back 
online without too much repeat download nonsense. Something was amuck at 
kernel.org for sure; but they got it squared away eventually.