[CentOS-mirror] Pending mirror chicago

Scott - SPEAKservers scott at speakservers.com
Sat Oct 20 07:25:04 UTC 2007

I'll toss my info in the list again since it's been a month since I 
initially listed it as a new mirror (don't want it to be swept under the 
rug when the time comes to auth new mirrors):

We've set up a new mirror in Chicago,IL USA:

Organization URL: http://www.speakservers.com
Organization Mail: scott at speakservers.com
Protocols: http ftp rsync
Centos Versions: all
URL http: http://centos.sourcemirrors.org/ <http://centos.sourcemirrors.org>
URL ftp:  ftp://centos.sourcemirrors.org/pub/linux/centos
URL rsync:  rsync://centos.sourcemirrors.org/centos
Syncing: 4 times a day
Bandwidth: 100 Mb/s

(Site is hosted on SourceMirrors servers which are sponsored by 
SPEAKservers so we would like credit to be give to SPEAKservers LLC)

I'd like to sync DVDs too so if it can be added to the list that'd be 
great :)

Scott H.
Owner / Senior Network Engineer
SPEAKservers, LLC
p: 800.553.0438
e: scott at speakservers.com
w: http://www.speakservers.com/
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