[CentOS-mirror] Question about disappearing updates in mirror directories

Scott Dowdle dowdle at montanalinux.org
Thu Sep 13 17:37:22 UTC 2007


orc_orc from the #centos IRC channel suggested I ask here... the most appropriate place for my question.

I do not run a full mirror of CentOS but I do rsync from one or more of the official CentOS mirror sites via rsync.  Lately I've been using the Standford rsync site to pull the updates dirs for i386 CentOS 4.5 and CentOS 5.0.

I just use a simple rsync statement to pull the update directories only so it is fairly straight forward and light weight (not a lot of directories to parse).  So here it is:

rsync -avSH --progress --bwlimit=500 --delete \
rsync://mirror.stanford.edu/mirrors/centos/4.5/updates/i386/RPMS/ \

rsync -avSH --progress --bwlimit=500 --delete \ 
rsync://mirror.stanford.edu/mirrors/centos/5.0/updates/i386/RPMS/ \

I periodically run those commands by hand so I can see when updates have become available... and I like the --delete so it gets rid of removed packages and saves me disk space.


After running those each day for the past week or so... I've noticed that the latest kernel and mysql updates (and a few others) keep appearing (downloading), and disappearing (getting deleted)... so it seems that some mirror is outdated and is being pulled from... affecting the other mirrors... or at least the Standford one I've been using lately.

Has anyone else noticed?  What's going on?

Thanks in advance for any consideration,
Scott Dowdle
704 Church Street
Belgrade, MT 59714
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