[CentOS-mirror] Update to mirror.hh.se

Thu Apr 3 20:49:23 UTC 2008
Magnus Morén <magnus.moren at hh.se>

God evening (local time) ;-)

The mirror at Halmstad University is now a full mirror, ie *all* 
architectures and *all* releases (earlier it was only i386 x86_64).

I also added the DVD-isos. If it is possible I would like to be added to 
the DVD download access-list. My ip-number is

### Full info ###

Name of organization:  Halmstad University  ( http://www.hh.se )
City:  Halmstad
Country:  Sweden

HTTP  -  http://mirror.hh.se/centos
FTP   -  ftp://mirror.hh.se/centos
RSYNC -  no

Releases:  all
Arch:  all
DVD:  yes

Syncing:  Every 6th hour
Bandwidth:  1000 Mbit/sec
Contact:  magnus.moren at hh.se

Best regards
Magnus Morén