[CentOS-mirror] Re: mirror down - bluehost

Thu Apr 10 21:53:30 UTC 2008
jay at ossmirror.com <jay at ossmirror.com>

   They sent me an email saying "It has come to our attention that your
site is using an extreme amount of resources on our servers and
network.  You have outgrown the Hostmonster Shared hosting package.  It
is getting increasingly more difficult to keep your site online for
shared hosting as it degrades the experience for the other users on our
server". Then I got a refund message from Paypal with a note saying
"Account was taking up too much space on server, account has been
deleted and I am refunding the dedicated ip". I have only been using
about 250 gig of space and 650 gig of bandwidth a month so I am still
confused as to why my account was shutdown. I talked to support last
night and they said they have seen allot of these lately. I have
switched all of my web pages over to Host Gator. They offer 1 TB of
storage and unlimited bandwidth for 12 a month. Hopefully it will be


> They offer 1,500 Gigabyte Hosting 15,000 GIGS transfer but they shut your
> site down!?!?!  Incredible.
> ----- jay at ossmirror.com wrote:
>> The centos mirror on ossmirror.com will be down for a few days. Blue
>> host
>> shutdown my account. They said I was up to many resources on the host.
>> I
>> have moved my domain to Host Gator and I will have the mirror set back
>> up
>> in a few days.
>> I tried to start a sync going on my new account but I get an error
>> saying
>> to many connects. I'll try again tonight.
>> [huddlesj at gator427 centos]$ rsync -aqzH --delete
>> us-msync.centos.org::CentOS ./
>> @ERROR: max connections (40) reached -- try again later
>> rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far)
>> [receiver]
>> rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at
>> io.c(359)
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