[CentOS-mirror] New Canadian Tier 2 mirror site

Mon Apr 28 20:15:52 UTC 2008
Gilbert E. Detillieux <gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca>

Country (Region)	CA (Canada)
State (Area)		MB
City			Winnipeg
Organization Name	Manitoba Unix User Group
Versions		5
Architectures		i386 x86_64
Direct DVD Downloads	(depends on upstream mirror)**

URL's:	HTTP		http://www.muug.mb.ca/pub/centos/
	FTP		ftp://ftp.muug.mb.ca/pub/centos/
	RSYNC		rsync://rsync.muug.mb.ca/centos/

Bandwidth cap		100 MB/s on I2/CA*Net4
			(possibly lower on Commercial link,
			due to traffic shaping)
Preferred contact	www at muug.mb.ca
Synch. frequency	4 times daily:	5*/updates
			once daily:	All

** Note, we're currently mirroring from Argonne National Laboratory 
(mirror.anl.gov), over Internet 2, since we're on the Canadian 
equivalent (CA*Net 4) which connects to I2 over Gigabit links. 
According to the CentOS Public Mirrors page, they don't allow direct DVD 
downloads, yet they do have them available via rsync (in the 5.1/isos/* 
directories).  As long as we can get them from ANL, we'll allow direct 
downloads of them from our site too.  If we should be pulling from a 
different mirror site, please let us know.

Gilbert E. Detillieux		E-mail: <gedetil at muug.mb.ca>
Manitoba UNIX User Group	Web:	http://www.muug.mb.ca/
PO Box 130 St-Boniface		Phone:  (204)474-8161
Winnipeg MB CANADA  R2H 3B4	Fax:    (204)474-7609