[CentOS-mirror] RayStedman.org Bandwidth

Fri Apr 25 22:34:30 UTC 2008
Alex Howells <alex at bytemark.co.uk>

> You're probably looking for something along the lines of mod_cband, 
> calculate based on 200GB per Mbps at 95% and allocate accordingly -- 
> it'll allow clients to burst for small-ish files but fairly effectively 
> ratelimits against 'big' transfers, and can enforce a global cap on 
> transfer per day, week, month :)

I failed to consider that you may be using FTP and/or rsync too ;) 
Implement something with `tc` to QoS the traffic to a certain rate, and 
that'll also allow you to handle small/short bursts.

Long-term I consider "Mirror is a little slow for big transfers" better 
than "Mirror only works for 10 days of each month, then returns errors."