[CentOS-mirror] mirrors in Romania hosted by the RLUG community

Manuel Wolfshant ftpadmin at lug.ro
Wed Aug 27 01:08:29 UTC 2008


    Starting this week, the RLUG community operates three mirrors, all
of them serving Centos content: ftp.ines.lug.ro, ftp.gts.lug.ro and
ftp.nb.lug.ro. We mirror all archs, all versions. Content is available
via ftp and http from all the servers.
    Due to space constrains, only ftp.nb.lug.ro carries the DVD isos.
    Available bandwitdh: 100 Mbps/each server. All mirrors sync every 6
    Country: Romania, Bucharest
    admin email: ftpadmin at lug.ro
    admin IRC:   wolfy on #centos ( irc.freenode.net )

    Please remove the previous settings, which were based on the round
robin address ftp.lug.ro. That CNAME is still valid, but we prefer a
finer grained reference.

    Sponsoring organizations:
ftp.ines.lug.ro: iNES Internet, part of iNES Group, http://www.ines.ro
ftp.gts.lug.ro:  GTS Telecom, part of GTS Central Europe, http://www.gts.ro
ftp.nb.ro:	 S.C. NETBRIDGE DEVELOPMENT S.R.L, http://www.gazduire.ro/
    Maintenance:  volunteers from the Romanian Linux User Group (
http://www.lug.ro ) community.


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