[CentOS-mirror] Another Australian mirror?

Shaun Ewing s.ewing at aussiehq.com.au
Thu Aug 28 04:31:02 UTC 2008

Hi All,

We've been running a CentOS mirror for a number of years now to cover our
internal requirements.

Given that most of our business has been built on CentOS, we would like to
open this mirror up to the world to give something back.

We are carrying all architectures of versions 3 4 5 and currently have the
DVDs as well. The mirror is available over both IPv4 and IPv6.


HTTP: http://centos.mirror.aussiehq.net.au/
FTP: ftp://centos.mirror.aussiehq.net.au/
Versions: 3 4 5
Architectures: All
Direct DVD: Yes

Hosted by: AussieHQ Pty Ltd (http://www.aussiehq.com.au)
Location: Canberra, Australia
Contact: mirrors at aussiehq.com.au

Update frequency: 4 times per day (every 6 hours from midnight AEST).
Rsync from: or or 2405:5000:1:2::de
Bandwidth: Mirror server connected at 100Mbps.


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