[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS Mirror in New Jersey

John Wayne john.wayne at hostingzero.net
Fri Dec 19 17:59:31 UTC 2008


We have just set up a mirror for CentOS on one of our dedicated servers in
Trenton, New Jersey.

We are mirroring all versions of CentOS. We are supporting the http
protocol but we are thinking on offering rsync in the weeks to come.

We have no bandwidth limitations currently. I think you can place our
mirror under Tier 2.

The mirror address is located at http://centos.hostingzero.net.

Our sister company gladly provides this mirror therefore the credit should
go to http://www.equified.com with the title "Home Equity Loan" if

Forgot to mention that we are syncing 5 times a day from us-msync.centos.org.

Please use this (john.wayne at hostingzero.net) as the contact address.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

John Wayne
www.hostingzero.net - Quality Free Web Hosting
www.equified.com - Home Loans

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