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Wed Feb 20 11:09:21 UTC 2008


We have already changed, please check,thx!

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 12:57:11 +0100
From: Tru Huynh <tru at centos.org>
Subject: Re: [CentOS-mirror] Apply to join the list mirror sites
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On Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 09:42:24AM +0800, happy6688505 wrote:
> Every buddy:

> Good morning, We are very much hope that the open-source can do
> something, so set up this mirror site, hoping to give added.
> our mirror site URL is http://mirror.centos.net.cn ,

Your mirror does not seem to have the CentOS mirror tree?
The top level doesn't list the TIME/timestamp.txt and GPG keys,
altough they are available... I am not sure the mirmon 
will be ablt to cope with it.

http://mirror.centos.net.cn/TIME is available but not listed
at http://mirror.centos.net.cn/

> have ftp , http , rsync
ftp://mirror.centos.net.cn/pub/ ? does not have the CentOS tree
rsync://mirror.centos.net.cn/centos looks fine.

Could you check the ftp link?


Tru Huynh (mirrors, CentOS-3 i386/x86_64 Package Maintenance)
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