[CentOS-mirror] New Public US Mirror

Fri Jan 4 14:49:12 UTC 2008
Belanger, Brad <bbelanger at Cogentco.com>



My name is Brad Belanger and I'm one of the Unix Admins at Cogent
Communications.  We have added CentOS to mirror.cogentco.com and would
like to be listed as an official mirror.


Contact: mirror-admin at cogentco.com

Server:  mirror.cogentco.com (

URL: http://mirror.cogentco.com/pub/linux/centos  Also available via ftp
and rsync.

Bandwidth: 100mbit  (To be upgraded this year)

Currently syncing 3x a day - All content

Org: Cogent Communications www.cogentco.com <http://www.cogentco.com/> 

Location:  Herndon, VA USA


Synced and ready.





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