[CentOS-mirror] Yum 3.2.8-9 from msync-dvd.centos.org wrong?

Tue Jul 22 01:36:03 UTC 2008
Brandon Davidson <brandond at uoregon.edu>


Johnny Hughes wrote:
> i say this because, we only made ONE file (they were noarch files) ... 
> they were copied to one place and hard linked into the other place.
> then automated -avzH rsyncs were used to copy to other places
> then hardlink.py was run against the repos ... and the x86_64 noarch 
> files changed, but the i386 ones stayed the same.

AFAICT, hardlink.py checks a number of things to determine whether or not 
files are eligible for hardlinking:

* size is the same
* size is not zero
* file mode is the same
* owner user id is the same
* owner group id is the same
* modified time is the same (unless date hashing is disabled)

Depending on how the files were copied, and how the script was run, I could 
see the script failing to hardlink properly - but not how you could end up 
with a changed file. It seems like that would have to have happened during the 
copy or rsync.

For forensic purposes, does anyone have a copy of an altered RPM around to 
diff/bindiff against the proper version?


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