[CentOS-mirror] Syncing 5.2

Sun Jun 22 18:12:53 UTC 2008
Lauro, John <jlauro at umflint.edu>

If you get a chance, can you (or anyone else who has a full rsync with
dvds) let me know once the dvds are all synced.  Ran a sync without
the --delete to your site and didn't get any dvds yet.  I normally
sync from kernel.org, but it is running rather slow at the moment, and
isn't fully updated either.  I did sync all of 5.2 except the dvds
from the normal centos sync site already.  Haven't asked for rights
for holmes.umflint.edu to sync dvds directly off of centos yet, as I
figure best not to add to it's bandwidth load and I only provide http
access to the general public...

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> I have made available rsync://mirror.chpc.utah.edu/CentOS-hidden for
> anyone who wants it. This target runs as my mirror user, so you
won't have
> to wait for the bit flip. Be aware that this target also *includes*
> DVD images.
> I am still syncing 5.2, but it may be of use to someone.
> DR
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