[CentOS-mirror] new German mirror sponsored by SILYUS

Florian Grundler florian at gruendler.net
Fri May 9 03:19:52 UTC 2008


I want to announce the availability of the following dedicated mirror server:

http mirror URL: http://mirror.silyus.net/centos/ (
location: Nuremberg, Germany
bandwith: 100 Mbit FE up to 2000 GByte/month, 10 Mbit cap over quota
synch frequency: 30 */6 * * * from eu-msync.centos.org
sponsor: SILYUS
info URL: http://mirror.silyus.net

this mirror is mainly intended to facilitate and promote the use of CentOS in AS29940 and associated datacenters, however the files are available on all peering and commercial routes.

After this "testdrive" I consider providing a second mirror in Switzerland, which is not currently covered on the mirror map, but I have some questions:

what is the logic the centos project resolves mirrors to requesting clients? by shortest AS path or what appears to be the closest geolocation?

what is the logic yum fails over to the next mirror? (does it also fail over upon receiving HTTP status code 403?)

is there any advantage for yum to have ftp access or is http access enough?

to join in on the distribution of the DVD iso files, which masterserver or community on the eu-msync should be used

regards, Florian

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