[CentOS-mirror] Force takedown of my mirror

Tue May 6 02:38:50 UTC 2008
Byron Handley <the.speedy.b at gmail.com>

Hello List,
I have just received an email from my host.  It reads as follows:

Bluehost.com, a sister company of Hostmonster.com, is now offering a public
centos mirror at mirrors. Bluehost.com as such we will no longer be allowing
our customers to host their own centos linux mirrors as they are too much of
a resource drain on other shared hosting customers.

Please take the necessary action to remove the mirror located at
http://mirror.speedy-b.net/CentOS/ and contact us once completed to avoid
any disruption of your account.

Thank you,


Now I am a BIG supporter of the Linux community, and this was my way of
showing that support.  But nevertheless, I will have to withdraw my mirror
from the list.
This is a sad day for me.
Thank you,

Byron Handley
Speedy B Network
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