[CentOS-mirror] Primus AU Public CentOS Mirror

Sat May 10 03:55:43 UTC 2008
Rory McMahon <RMcMahon at primustel.com.au>

Hi All

I've setup a Public CentOS Mirror in the Primus Telecom Datacentre in
Melbourne, Australia. It is operating on a Dell PowerEdge 2900 with 3TB
disk Space, and has Multi-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. 

A cron job is Rsyncing the data every 2 hours and it appears to be
working very well. The Server runs CentOS 5.1 as do most of our Linux
based servers, and will eventually run a few different mirrors. 

The IP Address is and I've created the DNS Names
mirror.primusdatacentre.com.au and mirror.ipgn.com.au to point to it.
The path from the web root is /centos 

If you're happy with the setup, please add it to the public mirror
lists, we are more than happy to donate our bandwidth to the CentOS
Users Community as very happy CentOS users ourselves. 




Rory McMahon

Linux Systems Administrator - IT Operations

Primus Telecommunications (Aust) Pty Ltd

Ph: 03 9923 3768 Fax: 03 9923 3300

Email: rmcmahon at primustel.com.au <mailto:rmcmahon at primustel.com.au> 


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