[CentOS-mirror] New public mirror - University of Idaho

Fri May 2 04:12:03 UTC 2008
David Richardson <david.richardson at utah.edu>

On Thu, 1 May 2008, Lien, Dave wrote:

> I'm ready to come online as a public Centos mirror.
> Provider Name	: University of Idaho
> Provider URL	: http://www.uidaho.edu
> http      		: http://mirror.its.uidaho.edu/pub/centos
> ftp      	 	: ftp://mirror.its.uidaho.edu/centos
> Content   		: All (but no DVDs)
> Arch      		: All
> sync rate 		: 6 times per day from  "archive.linux.duke.edu"
> Bandwidth 		: 100 Mbps commercial, 1Gb I2/NLR
> Location  		: Mosow, ID, USA
> Admin     		: mirror-manager at uidaho.edu
> Rsync'ing from archive.linux.duke.edu every 6 hours via a cron job.
> Cross country file copy but the mirror manager is a good guy, and they
> are Tier 0 for Fedora.  Open to better West coast I2/NLR suggestions
> though.  msync.centos.org traverses a commercial route, which means I
> can't use it as my upstream.
> I would be willing to host DVDs also, with a better I2/NLR upstream
> suggestion I will populate accordingly.

Feel free to sync from mirror.chpc.utah.edu. We're also on I2/NLR and have 
the DVD images.


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