[CentOS-mirror] Where to get the DVDs from?

Wed May 28 02:41:52 UTC 2008
Takashi Ichihara <ichihara at ribf.riken.jp>


We are currently mirroring a full mirror, but we want the DVD images, too.
Right now we sync everything from msync.centos.org::CentOS, but the
DVD isos are not there. We plan to offer DVD's for public access.

Can you please provide DVD-iso access from for
ftp.riken.jp (riksun.riken.jp) ?

Our URL is


Our site is connected to the WAN at 10Gbps and our server
ftp.riken.jp is connected to the LAN at 1 Gbps and plannning
to update to 10Gbps in a year.

Takashi Ichihara (RIKEN)