[CentOS-mirror] New mirror - GE, Tbilisi, Georgia

Fri Nov 21 10:09:31 UTC 2008
George Machitidze <giomac at gmail.com>


I have prepared server for mirror of current centos version, please send me
URL of your upper Tier server for european region - current servers are
loaded and it's very hard to us to keep everything in sync, next day
mirroring will be done and you can add it to your public list.

If you have automatic redirection system like GeoIP and etc. please
automatically forward GE country clients to this server, but, if possible,
don't make it public for non-GE countries - our non-local connection speed
is limited and foreign countries will not get any advantages with our

Thank you!

Server name: alva.ge

Server admin: George Machitidze <giomac at gmail.com>

Server location: GE, Georgia (CAUCASUS, not US)

Server address: mirror.alva.ge

Server IP pool:

Server protocol: http, ftp

Server max. conn:  No limits - estimated server load is minor

Connection speed: Global - limited, up to 50 mbit/s, Local to Georgia -
assume unlimited (now 1 gbps, in future - 4 gbps)

Server prefix: protocol://mirror.alva.ge/pub/centos/

Update frequency: four times per day

George Machitidze
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