[CentOS-mirror] major/minor version in tree

Tue Nov 11 10:42:31 UTC 2008
Mike Zanker <mike at zanker.org>

On 11/11/08 10:35, Ralph Angenendt wrote:

> If you rsync the tree, those are created as symlinks to the current
> CentOS version (so at the moment it is linked to 5.2, it will get linked
> to 5.3 when that comes out). Your machines should hit the "/5/" version
> so that updates to 5.x happen "automagically".

Also, when mirroring just certain versions and architectures I found it
easier to rsync at the top level and use an exclude file to ignore the
versions and architectures that I didn't want. This also made it easier
to "turn on" other versions and arches when I had the space.