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Wed Nov 12 15:40:49 UTC 2008
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Absolutely, if your peers and peers of your peers represent a major group of
the APAC CentOS community, it would make sense:

But it would make an equally good case to talk to the people of Pacific
Internet (AS7543) to peer with you to the benefit of both your businesses
(appearantly you both share the liking of CentOS and that's a good point to
get talking) and rsync from them so both of your networks get redundant (and
settlement free) access to the much wanted CentOS content of eachother ;-)

Just my 2 cent


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On 12/11/08 10:53 PM, "Tru Huynh" <tru at> wrote:

> I am trying to only allow new ACL from the largest public servers.

Hi Tru,

We are not currently carrying DVD images of CentOS.

We can carry DVD images - it is not an issue for us. What is an issue for us
is synchronising against different mirrors to ensure we always have the up
to date images and DVDs.

We would like to carry DVDs if we can gain access to the msync-dvd mirror.
We can also provide http, rsync and ftp access to our mirror where required.

Please let me know what your preference is. If you would prefer we remain in
our current state then I am happy to do so. If you need another mirror in
the apac region carrying everything (even if I extend our mirror to carry
2.x) then I am happy to do so.


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