AW: [CentOS-mirror] DVD Mirror

Thu Nov 13 00:40:49 UTC 2008
Rory McMahon <RMcMahon at>

If you're coming over PIPE peering you're welcome to Rsync the DVD's
from us, give me your IP Address and I'll add you to your firewall




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On 13/11/08 2:40 AM, "florian at" <florian at>

> But it would make an equally good case to talk to the people of
> Internet (AS7543) to peer with you to the benefit of both your
> (appearantly you both share the liking of CentOS and that's a good
point to
> get talking) and rsync from them so both of your networks get
redundant (and
> settlement free) access to the much wanted CentOS content of eachother

Way ahead of you:
[root at mirror ~]# traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte
 1 (  0.515 ms  0.896 ms
1.074 ms
 2 (  0.413 ms  0.409 ms
0.406 ms
 3 (  5.009 ms  5.184
ms  5.205 ms
 4 (  5.116 ms  5.104 ms
5.109 ms
 5 (  4.983 ms  5.042 ms  5.024 ms


Regrettably PI don't appear to be carrying the DVD images, otherwise we
would sync them from PI.

In any case, I'll have a look around and grab the DVD images from
another mirror. 

On 13/11/08 10:24 AM, "Tru Huynh" <tru at> wrote:

> Would you extend your offer to "donate" a managed server
> :D, anyway thanks for your support.

It's something that I've been considering. 

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