[CentOS-mirror] Looking for a new upstream mirror

Thu Nov 20 19:13:16 UTC 2008
Lien, Dave <davelien at uidaho.edu>

Paul and David, thank you for your offers.  I have selected to pull from
the fine folks at the Energy Sciences Network in Northern California.
(Interesting, I'm almost making it sound like ESN won a contest or
something.)  ;-)


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> mirror.chpc.utah.edu has all CentOS versions and the DVDs. It is open
> anyone. It is connected to both Internet2 and NLR (National Lambda

mirrors.rit.edu hosts the same and is on I2.

Being on I2 I can poke a hole in the bandwidth limiter for you too (I
have yet to figure out the BGP magic to make that automatic)

Paul Mezzanini
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