[CentOS-mirror] Server Reconfig -- Additional Bandwidth Available

Sat Oct 25 13:27:34 UTC 2008
greg at raystedman.org <greg at raystedman.org>

Hi Tru,

We recently reconfigured our servers and have more bandwidth to share with
CentOS.org.  We currently see 800 GBytes of CentOS traffic per month and
about half of this is downloading DVDs.  Our current configuration allows
for more than double this amount of traffic for CentOS.  Please feel free to
direct additional traffic our way as you have the need.

Here are a couple of ideas that might help you out with this:

	(1) Should we turn the DVD flag to Yes here: 

	(2) We don't seem to appear in the following list:

Please feel free to implement whatever you believe will be most helpful to
the project.

Have a great day!  Greg