[CentOS-mirror] Direct DVD ISO rsync access for CentOS Mirror of Bangladesh

Mon Oct 27 19:05:33 UTC 2008
CentOS Mirror Maintainer of BDNIC.NET <centos-org at bauani.org>

Dear Tru
Greetings from Bangladesh. We are serving DVD ISO with FULL CentOS Mirror
for Bangladesh & Asia. We have done the initial sync from other site with
very low bandwidth. Still using same Tire2 Mirror to get sync data, which
making my sync process too slow. Also I can see a lot of DVD ISO request
around the world on my server log. Seems this is one of DVD ISO serving
site, people like to download from here.

Though I am one of Tire1 Mirror and having DVD ISO, I can't use CentOS
master sync server with --delete option. If you please allow IP: for direct rsync access to CentOS Master server with DVD ISO,
it will very helpful for me.

Thanks and waiting for a positive reply.

Ahamed Bauani
CentOS Mirror Maintainer of Bangladesh.
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