[CentOS-mirror] Average Monthly Transfer used?

Wed Oct 8 11:04:56 UTC 2008
Mullaley, Patrick S (Pat) <patrick.mullaley at verizonbusiness.com>

We are (for some silly reason) listed very low on the mirrors list. We
are also listed as not having the ISOs, but we do. I am rsyncing from
another mirror that has the ISOs. Anyway, we are putting about 20GB/day.
We serve about 9TB/day for all things we mirror, so Cent is not a huge
hit to us. I would presume that if the CentOS team put us further up the
list and updated to show that we do have the ISOs, that number would
increase drastically.
Monthly usage then would be about 600GB for CentOS. roughly.


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Hey Everyone,


I'm a newbie to the list, not sure if this topic has been covered before
but was about to establish a CentOS mirror to support what has helped me
out tremendously in the last few months.


On Average, how much does a standard mirror pull per month in transfer?


Any help would be appreciated!




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