[CentOS-mirror] Average Monthly Transfer used?

Wed Oct 8 12:17:45 UTC 2008
Mullaley, Patrick S (Pat) <patrick.mullaley at verizonbusiness.com>

The list of active mirrors on CentOS's site. If yum is randomizing,
great. But If I am a person wanting to experiment, I would go look first
at the mirrors list, find a relatively close location that has the
distribution method of choice, and go from there. Yum updates do not
pull ISO images. My comment was merely we do X amount of traffic today,
and if we were more prominently displayed we would probably do Y amount.
I was not then, nor am I now, attempting to be confrontational or upset.
Just trying to further my explination of why my CentOS traffic is low in
comparison to everything else I serve.

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Mullaley, Patrick S (Pat) wrote:
> We are (for some silly reason) listed very low on the mirrors list.

Which "mirrors list"? Because the one you get via yum (mirrorlist entry)
has a randum succession of mirrors (and changes every hour or so).