[CentOS-mirror] mirrors in Romania hosted by the RLUG community

Manuel Wolfshant

ftpadmin at lug.ro
Sat Sep 13 23:14:12 UTC 2008

On 08/27/2008 04:08 AM, Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
> Hello
>    Starting this week, the RLUG community operates three mirrors, all
> of them serving Centos content: ftp.ines.lug.ro, ftp.gts.lug.ro and
> ftp.nb.lug.ro. We mirror all archs, all versions. Content is available
> via ftp and http from all the servers.
>    Due to space constrains, only ftp.nb.lug.ro carries the DVD isos.
>    Available bandwitdh: 100 Mbps/each server. All mirrors sync every 6
> hours.
>    Country: Romania, Bucharest
>    admin email: ftpadmin at lug.ro
>    admin IRC:   wolfy on #centos ( irc.freenode.net )
>    Please remove the previous settings, which were based on the round
> robin address ftp.lug.ro. That CNAME is still valid, but we prefer a
> finer grained reference.
>    Sponsoring organizations:
> ftp.ines.lug.ro: iNES Internet, part of iNES Group, http://www.ines.ro
> ftp.gts.lug.ro:  GTS Telecom, part of GTS Central Europe, 
> http://www.gts.ro
> ftp.nb.ro:     S.C. NETBRIDGE DEVELOPMENT S.R.L, http://www.gazduire.ro/
>    Maintenance:  volunteers from the Romanian Linux User Group (
> http://www.lug.ro ) community.

Could you please add ftp.ines.lug.ro and ftp.gts.lug.ro to the list of
Romanian mirrors ? As far as I can see, they are not listed yet. Both
serve data over ftp and http. All three of our mirrors carry Centos 4 and 5.

thank you


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