[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror - France (IPv4 & IPv6)

Sun Sep 28 01:55:10 UTC 2008
Alex Smith <alex at floob.org>


New french mirror is online, it's based on 2x100Mbit server's that sync 
between themselves daily. The main server also sync's twice a day with a 
local rsync enabled server.

Hostname is enabled for IPv6 (Native connectivity) and IPv4.

	FTP: ftp://centos.got-root.me.uk/centos/
	HTTP: http://centos.got-root.me.uk/
	RSYNC: rsync://centos.got-root.me.uk/centos/
Sync: Every 12 hours, near 3AM and 3PM
Location: Both in France
Bandwidth: 100Mbps per server (200Mbps total)
Organisation: None - got-root.me.uk
Version: 4 & 5
Architecture: i386 & x86_64
Direct DVD Download: No
Contact e-mail: mirrors at got-root.me.uk or alex at floob.org

Kind Regards,

Alex Smith