[CentOS-mirror] rhel 5.4 beta

Sun Aug 2 13:21:37 UTC 2009
Tosh <toshlinux at gmail.com>

On 01/08/09 20:03, Squadra Squadra wrote:
> aren´t the beta src.rpms open? i found the source dvd thing in rhn. do
> have to expect any problems from redhat if i publish them? i mean... its
> all gpled afaik
I don't think rh will put a contract on you, but it definitely isn't the 
meaning to but what you get in rhn just online

but the better question is, why would CentOS "waist" time in compiling 
and testing a beta that will be a final release soon? (eta is end of 
august if I remember well)
Seems to me as overkill, isn't their enough work already?

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