[CentOS-mirror] lock files

Wed Aug 5 23:31:08 UTC 2009
Nick Olsen <Nick at 141networks.com>

Lesson learned for all,
When you run the script it just runs the screen command, which the rsync
runs in.
So the script completes because its run the screen command, Thus running
the rm -rf on the lock file :) thanks for all the help David.

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On Wed, 5 Aug 2009, Nick Olsen wrote:

> Ok I think I got it, just one more thing. If I make the lock file
> with the date >> /tmp/update-centos.lock file it works and doesn't let
> another one spawn. However. If its not there its not creating it. Do I
> have the else part in the right spot?
> #!/bin/bash
> if [ -f /tmp/update-centos.lock ]
>    # It does exist.
>    # Exit here so we don't screw up a run in-progress
>    then echo "Lock file exists" && exit 1
>    # No, it doesn't exist.
>    # Create the lock file so another run won't start.
>    else date >> /tmp/update-centos.lock
> fi
> ### Now we can do the actual rsync. At this point, we know that only
> ### copy of the script is running.
> ### Big long rsync command ###
> echo "Starting centos rsync"
> screen -A -m -d -S centos rsync -vaH --numeric-ids --delete
> --delete-after --delay-updates  --progress
> rsync://linux.mirrors.es.net/centos/ /home/www/centos
> DATE=`date`
> echo "$DATE with mirror linux.mirrors.es.net" >
> /home/www/txt/centostime.txt
> # Now we're done. Remove the lock file.
> /bin/rm -rf /tmp/update-centos.lock

Hmm. What happens if you remove screen from the picture (that is, have
script run the rsync directly)?


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