[CentOS-mirror] Mirror Updates

Matt Ruzicka

mruzicka at cisp.com
Thu Dec 17 14:24:32 UTC 2009

I noticed this morning that my normal 02:23 EST sync appeared to have wedged up for some reason.  While looking into it I pulled up the http://mirror-status.centos.org site and noticed my mirror was reporting as 2.8 days old.  Sort of odd since it appears my syncs were fine every other time the last few days.  I then noticed a number of mirrors were also reporting as 2.8 days old.  Is it possible one of the us-msync.centos.org systems is out of sync? I unfortunately don't have record of which systems I've synced from recently.

mirror.3fl.net.au       2.8
centos.mirror.iweb.ca   2.8
centos.ustc.edu.cn      2.8
mirrors.163.com         2.8
mirror.web.com.ph       2.8
www.ftp.saix.net        2.8
centos.cs.nctu.edu.tw   2.8
www.mirror.in.th        2.8
mirror.cisp.com         2.8	<-- me
mirrors.easynews.com    2.8
mirrors.gigenet.com     2.8
centos.omnispring.com   2.8
www.ontime1405.com      2.8
centos.promopeddler.com         2.8
mirror.sanctuaryhost.com        2.8
mirrors.unbornmedia.com         2.8
mirrors.arsc.edu        2.8
www.gtlib.gatech.edu    2.8
mira.sunsite.utk.edu    2.8
mirrors.adams.net       2.8
mirror.fdcservers.net   2.8
mirrors.greenmountainaccess.net         2.8
centos.mirror.nac.net   2.8
mirror.nyi.net  2.8
centos.mirrors.tds.net  2.8
mirror.trouble-free.net         2.8


Matt Ruzicka
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mruzicka at cisp.com
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