[CentOS-mirror] Disk space required

Morten-Christian Bernson

mcb at uib.no
Tue Dec 22 08:12:04 UTC 2009


We are setting up a new mirror for CentOS, and are curious as to how
much space is required for a full mirror including all versions and

I can't find any information about this on the howto for a new mirror.
Maybe this info could be added there, as I guess it would be useful info
for more than us when setting up a new mirror... As it is now, we are
doing a full rsync, but if it turns out it takes more space than we
allocated, we might have to destroy the volume, make a new one, and
start over... So it would be really useful to have this info before we
started :)

Morten-Christian Bernson,
Section for Infrastructure, Unix Server Administrator
IT-department, University of Bergen
+47 55584081/+47 90995002/mcb at uib.no

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