[CentOS-mirror] Failing Server...

Tru Huynh tru at centos.org
Fri Feb 6 16:20:14 UTC 2009

On Fri, Feb 06, 2009 at 10:39:21AM -0500, Adam wrote:
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> I have noticed over the last few weeks that my rsync connection to
> us-msync.centos.org has failed to connect every once and a while.  I
> started tracking which IPs it is trying to connect to, and this one
> server seem to be the culprit.  Listed below is the IP and error message.
> us-msync.centos.org:
that's centosu.centos.org 

we have some connection issue between that machine and the rest of our
pool of server... We haven't figured out why nor who is the culprit.

I will probably remove it from the current centos.org pool to
avoid it until we clear out the problem.
> Let me know if you need anymore information.

Thanks for the head-up.

Tru Huynh (mirrors, CentOS-3 i386/x86_64 Package Maintenance)
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