[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror in India

Raveendran, Bathrinath bathrinath.r at corp.aol.com
Thu Feb 12 13:29:14 UTC 2009


We have setup a new public mirror in India using Content Distribution
Network.  There's no bandwidth restriction, and it's faster than OC3.

*	 <http://centos.aol.in> Link : http://centos.aol.in
*	Org name: AOL Online India Pvt. Ltd.
*	Org site:  <http://aol.in> http://corp.aol.in
*	Contact Mail id : bangalore-centos at corp.aol.com
*	Versions : All
*	Architectures : All
*	Direct DVD Downloads : No
*	Protocol : HTTP
*	Sync : 4 times a day

Bathrinath Raveendran
Technical Manager

AOL Online India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
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