[CentOS-mirror] Indonesian Mirror Submission

Mahyuddin Susanto udienz at unej.ac.id
Sat Feb 14 19:09:13 UTC 2009

Hello, i want to submit new CentOS Mirror

HTTP URL: http://mirror.unej.ac.id/centos
FTP: ftp://mirror.unej.ac.id/centos
RSYNC: rsync://mirror.unej.ac.id/centos
Update Frequency: Twice a day
upstream: ftp.jaist.ac.jp
Versions: All
Architectures: i386, amd_64, ia64
DVD: no
Server Location: Jember, East Java, Indonesia
Bandwidth available: 10Mb/s International, 100 Mb/s local indonesia
Contact email: udienz at unej.ac.id, ashadebi at unej.ac.id
Sponsoring Organization: Computer Center, Jember University
Sponsor URL: http://www.unej.ac.id/
Contact Person(s): Mahyuddin Susanto, Ashad Ansari

Mahyuddin Susanto
"Resep rahasia itu sebenarnya tidak ada, yang ada hanyalah keyakinan"
(Kungfu Panda)

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