[CentOS-mirror] RoEduNet Mirror change

FTP Admin ftpadmin at iasi.roedu.net
Wed Jul 29 21:17:42 UTC 2009


my name is Manuel SUBREDU and I'm in charge with RoEduNet Online
Archive. Due to some internal reasons we have to move our online archive
(and the mirrors) to a new server and into a new location. The centos
mirror url's will change also. The new mirror details are:

 Institution: National Agency ARNIEC/RoEduNet
 Country: Romania
 Town: Bucharest
 Link: 2Gbps commercial + 2 x 10Gbps educational
 Contact: FTP Admin (ftpadmin at roedu.net)

Can you please update information about our mirror ? Also, do you think
you can update any acl's ? We don't seem able to sync from our new
server directly from the source (msync-dvd.centos.org::CentOS-incdvd).


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